Vacation or Medical Bills? It's 'Dad's Choice' in Aflac Duck's New TV Commercial

Staff Report From Columbus CEO

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Aflac, the leader in voluntary insurance sales at the worksite in the United States, announced the launch of its new television commercial, "Dad's Choice," which features a family comically debating if they'd rather go on an unforgettable vacation or pay unexpected medical bills. 

A recent survey of working moms found that even with health insurance, about half (49 percent) of respondents didn't have the money to cover their insurance deductible.1 More than 54 percent of working moms surveyed said they have had to divert funds away from something else to pay for medical expenses. Which source of savings suffers the most? The family vacation fund.

"As summer approaches, families across the country are getting ready to pack their bags and hit the road to experience new adventures," Aflac Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Gail Galuppo said. "Unfortunately, many moms and dads don't realize that they may be forced to choose between making family memories and paying important medical bills if they aren't protected with help from supplemental insurance like Aflac's."

"Dad's Choice" opens with a son holding a baseball bat and a father cowered on one knee holding a wadded up T-shirt over his face covering an injury. The mom runs to the yard to find out what went wrong. The son responds, "Dad kind of … walked into my swing."

The mom immediately realizes, "Don't you mean Dad kind of ruined our Hawaii fund?" Amid groans of pain and his family squirming because of the injury, the father tries to communicate the severity of the situation, insisting, "I should go to the hospital." Yet, all the mother hears is, "There goes the airfare."

When given the choice between paying for Hawaii or his dad's face, the son wastes no time in raising his hand to cast a vote for Hawaii. The mom cheerfully reveals her vote, "Ha-wa-ii," high-fiving her son – and eventually her husband, who concedes that Hawaii is just too good to pass up.

"Health insurance may not cover everything related to unexpected injuries and illnesses," added Galuppo. "And when families are hit with unexpected medical costs, cash from Aflac can help make sure our customers maintain their lifestyle and don't have to make tough choices like whether they should go to Hawaii or take care of dad's face."