Aflac Highlights Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report through Inspirational Stories

Staff Report From Columbus CEO

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Aflac, the leader in voluntary insurance sales at the worksite in the United States, announced the unveiling of the 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The comprehensive report, which reflects the actions of Aflac, its employees and its independent sales agents, recounts the company's actions in conducting business with integrity and ethics, highlighting activities throughout 2016. The report also reflects Aflac's commitment to building and maintaining a solid corporate reputation, utilizing valuable information garnered through studies conducted by Reputation Institute and Aflac's annual CSR Survey of consumers and investors. The company uses data gathered through these studies to gauge the effectiveness of its CSR programs.

"At Aflac, we have long believed that who we are as a company says as much as the products and services we provide," said Aflac Chairman and CEO Dan Amos. "Our studies as well as validated, third-party data show that consumers, shareholders and the community at large increasingly expect and even demand that companies conduct business the right way, with integrity and values. Through this report, we are pleased to provide a window into how Aflac strives to meet those expectations every day."

In the report, Aflac employees and independent sales agents who have embodied this year's theme, "Everyone has the power to do good," share stories about their work, bringing to life Aflac's ethical business practices, a productive and diverse workplace, philanthropic efforts and environmental sustainability initiatives.

These "CSR Heroes" went above and beyond by:

  • Coordinating a 12-person team to host fundraising events supporting childhood cancer research and treatment, helping Aflac reach its philanthropic goal of raising $110 million through its Duckprints Initiative;

  • Kick-starting personal passion projects across the country, including a family emergency shelter and meal program called "The Breakfast Crew"; fundraising for Camp Hope, a summer camp for children with cancer; and volunteering at Arnold Palmer Children's hospital.

  • Promoting diversity in the workplace and opportunities for women in the U.S. and Japan through mentorship and employee engagement programs;

  • Ensuring transparency and honesty are woven into the fabric of each department; and

  • Championing companywide participation in recycling efforts through a supply swap that has saved Aflac more than $50,000;

  • Coaching employees to reach new heights in their careers through career counseling services at Aflac's Career Success Centers, leading to the promotion and/or positive career movement of more than 1,200 employees over the past three years.

Employee stories introduce each chapter of the report: Governance, Workplace, Philanthropy, Environmental Sustainability and Aflac Japan. This outline and content within are based on key CSR dimensions, as defined by Reputation Institute, considered the gold standard in reputation tracking.