Bitcoin Introduced Into Columbus Physical Medicine Center

Staff Report From Columbus CEO

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Columbus Physical Medicine Center becomes the first in their area to start accepting compensation in the form of Bitcoin, a new currency emerging in popularity for businesses and individuals alike. Dr. Eric Codner, the lead doctor at CPMC gives his reasoning for trusting in the digital payment process, “After the stock market meltdown of ’08-09 I have witnessed suffering from hundreds of families that lost jobs, retirement savings, and even their homes due to greedy government backed bankers and HMO’s alike. Using Bitcoin for your purchases returns power to the consumer by allowing payment through a decentralized currency that cannot be manipulated by any bank or government.” CMPC is excited to see if implementing this new technique will welcome in those who previously had no way of paying to treat their chronic pain.

Bitcoin is a completely independent money system in which anyone can participate. It has no restrictions, exchange rates, and offers total control to users. There are no hidden fees, or any chance that your information can be stolen. These advantages make Bitcoin an attractive prospect for customers and businesses alike.

Columbus Physical Medicine Center has always been on the cutting edge; their treatment of is a testament to that. Using modern medicine and innovative pain management techniques, Dr. Codner prides his practice on relieving patients of their ailments without keeping them on medication for life. Just some of the services they offer are neuropathy, stem-cell treatments, and chiropractic adjustments. Now with the introduction of Bitcoin as a payment option, they are again setting an example for the future of medicine.