Leadership Columbus Is Now Accepting Applications

Staff Report From Columbus CEO

Friday, May 18th, 2018

What is Leadership Columbus?

Leadership Columbus is an official program of the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce.  Being a collaborative effort between the Chamber and Leadership Columbus Alumni, its goal is to provide involved and committed community leaders.  Leadership Columbus has been building leaders in this community for over 30 years. Participants will be given the chance to develop an understanding of the challenges that face the Columbus region.

The program is designed to expose highly talented and motivated leaders to issues which will determine the future direction of the area. This will encourage initiative to address and solve these issues. Leadership Columbus will not attempt to create a consensus of opinions or promote any specific concern.
Class members will benefit from a wide variety of experiences along with the network of relationships between the classes.
Who is eligible to participate?   

The selection committee makes every effort to choose a diverse group in terms of race, gender and occupation. Participants will include a cross-section of individuals represented in the region. Individuals may nominate themselves.
What can class members expect?
Leadership Columbus participants will enhance their leadership skills and will gain an awareness of the community through a series of one-day sessions, September through June. Topics covered include education, healthcare, city & state government, transportation,military, public safety, quality of life and the economic base of the community. Information will be presented through lectures, panel discussions, hands-on activities, tours and informal question and answer sessions.  

 The applicant must show a sincere commitment, be motivated and interested in the community and have the desire to increase his/her service in key leadership positions. The person must exhibit the ability and willingness to be involved in the learning process and must make a firm commitment to attend each session of Leadership Columbus program, as well as two years volunteer service with the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce.  

How much time will be required?

Leadership Columbus will require one day each month from September through June. This time commitment is for:

● Nine one-day monthly sessions (9 hours per day)  

● One night to ride with a police officer (min. 4 hours)

● Attend an art event, i.e. Springer, RiverCenter (3 hours)

● Attend of a Board of Education Meeting

● Project assignment

● Complete a METRA bus ride

● Attend a Chamber Board Meeting during the year

● Attend a City Council Meeting
A commitment of 100 percent attendance is required from each participant
How is one accepted into the program?

One must fully complete the detailed application. All applicants are reviewed by a selection committee and final participants are selected. All applicants must have prior approval of their supervisor, if applicable, for this commitment. Supervisors need to be aware that the class member will be involved with the program for approximately 140 hours over an nine month period. CEO's must always approve any application.

What is the objective?

The objective of Leadership Columbus is to provide the region with a resource of leadership to guide the community into the future.
Apply today to be a part of the 2018/2019 Leadership Columbus Class