Columbus 2025 Kicks Off New Initiative to Strengthen Region’s Talent Pipeline

Staff Report From Columbus CEO

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

On August 9, Columbus 2025 will kick off a strategic planning process to engage employers, educators, and other community partners in a plan to strengthen the region’s talent pipeline. More than 50 organizations including businesses, educational institutions and workforce organizations will form the new Talent Coalition with the goal of creating a roadmap for talent development, retention, attraction and growth.

The strategy follows a 2017 Talent Assessment by national strategists, Avalanche Consulting, which detailed the characteristics of Greater Columbus’ regional labor shed and predicted the region was on the cusp of experiencing its greatest level of job growth to date. To fuel this positive growth and ensure that our existing employers can continue to thrive here, the region must expand its pipeline of skilled workers.

Greater Columbus’ need for a talent strategy is not simply a response to this predicted job growth. It also recognizes the nationwide battle for talent that has intensified over the last five years, as a greater number of communities reach full employment and an increased number of jobs demand unique and evolving skillsets.

“The message from business and industry in the Greater Columbus region has been heard loud and clear. Continued economic growth and expansion is highly dependent on a talented, educated workforce pipeline. With that, we are pleased to see many of our local employers and educators coming to the table, so together we can construct this integral plan for our community’s future,” said Jacki Lowe, Chair, Talented, Educated People, Columbus 2025.

Between now and October, strategists from Avalanche will lead an Employer Advisory Group in identifying Greater Columbus’ talent-related strengths, opportunities, and priorities. Together, they will develop an actionable and measurable strategy to ensure employers in the region have access to the workforce they need both now and in the future.

Chris Engle, a Principal with Avalanche, said, “The time is now for Greater Columbus to talk strategically about its current and future talent pipeline. This strategy will not only help employers address their hiring needs but will ensure economic opportunity for all residents in the Greater Columbus region by connecting them to local education and career opportunities.”

The Talent Strategy is spearheaded by Columbus 2025 as part of its Talented, Educated People Action Area.