Aflac's New Group Worksite Life Insurance Includes Advanced Claim Payment, First-Responder and Living Benefits Riders

Staff Report From Columbus CEO

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

Aflac, the leader in supplemental insurance sales at U.S. worksites, announced the launch of its new group worksite life insurance. It is the latest product in the company's life portfolio, designed to help a wide array of individuals and families pay the bills if something happens to a primary wage earner.

Available in term and whole life options for consumers ages 18-70, Aflac's new group life coverage can help protect and maintain workers' and their families' way of life in the event of the insured's death — from being able to continue making payments on the family home to helping with the kids' school tuition or other day-to-day expenses. In addition, living benefits are available to help insureds should a terminal illness diagnosis occur while they are alive, with fixed cash benefits that can be used to help with long-term care, home health care needs or however one chooses.

"Aflac isn't a company that leaves innovation to others. That is why we are excited to transform and expand our group worksite life coverage portfolio with options tailored to individuals' needs and incomes," said Bob Ruff, senior vice president of Growth Solutions at Aflac. "While death is a difficult subject to discuss, it is something for which we all have to prepare. Especially during emotional times, the last thing a family should have to focus on is financial stress."

Aflac makes group life coverage easier to obtain by offering guaranteed-issue options for qualified accounts with as few as five lives and simplified issue for accounts with as few as three lives.

New benefits available with Aflac's group life coverage include:

Advanced claim payment — To help with immediate final expenses such as funeral costs, Aflac may advance a portion of the policy's proceeds upon notification from the beneficiary before receiving all necessary documentation.

First-responder benefit rider — As a part of Aflac's growing portfolio of first-responder benefits, this rider pays an additional benefit if death occurs in the line of duty.

Appealing new living benefits rider options — Provide fixed, lump-sum or periodic payments for a qualifying chronic condition while the certificate holder is living.

"By expanding our group life coverage to include benefits while the insured is still living, we help assure our customers that they can 'Count on Aflac for Life,'" Ruff added.

The newest group life coverage is available in the following states: Alabama; Arkansas; Arizona; Connecticut; Georgia; Hawaii; Iowa; Kentucky; Louisiana; Michigan; Mississippi; Missouri; Nebraska; Nevada; New Mexico; North Carolina; Oklahoma; South Carolina; South Dakota; Tennessee; Texas; Utah; Washington, D.C.; West Virginia; Wisconsin and Wyoming. This product is expected to be available at more locations in the coming months. 

In addition to the new group worksite life insurance, Aflac's life portfolio also includes recently enhanced juvenile life coverage as well as direct whole and term life coverage.