The Cotton Companies Newest Development, Highside Market, Opening in Columbus This Fall

Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

Columbus-based real estate and investment firm, The Cotton Companies, is bringing Highside Market, an urban infill and adaptive reuse mixed-use development, to Columbus, Georgia, opening its first phase to the public September 2021 and fully opening by Q3 2022. Located at the crossroads of 13th Street and 2nd Avenue, one of the busiest intersections in Columbus, Highside Market will blend new construction while preserving the character of historic buildings on site to create a place, space and experiences that nurture a more vibrant, diverse and prosperous community. The expansive market will be an energetic hub of dining, retail, as well as office and event space, all housed in alluring architecture that embodies and preserves the downtown area's rich historic roots.

Established in 2016, The Cotton Companies is an innovative sustainable-minded real estate organization in Columbus, Georgia that provides real estate development services, 3rd party coordination services and real estate investment consulting. The firm's President, Chris Woodruff, has a strong tie to Columbus' past with his ancestors arriving in the city in the 1840's and developing much of what the city is today. This, combined with over twenty years of experience in commercial and residential real estate, have resulted in Chris and The Cotton Companies being one of the most innovative development firms in the Southeast. Through their services, the company is able to create real estate assets that positively impact the community in which they do business through adaptive reuse conversions that honor architectural, cultural and historical context. The Cotton Companies is continuing to build off their mission of creating developments that provide a sound financial return, are aesthetically pleasing, rooted in history, culture, people and place and enhance the community with their newest transformative development, Highside Market.