Flat Rock Studio in Full Swing as Catalyst Productions Takes the Operating Lead at the Columbus-based Studio

Staff Report

Friday, March 17th, 2023

Catalyst Productions announced the official start of the partnership with W. C. Bradley’s Flat Rock Studio based in Columbus, Georgia. In January, Catalyst Productions and W. C. Bradley Real Estate entered into an agreement for Catalyst Productions to operate and market Flat Rock Studio. 

“From day one, we have been busy arranging the studio to better serve productions looking to film at Flat Rock Studio,” said John Mock, Co-founder and CEO of Catalyst Productions. “With a 180,000-square-foot facility on 80 acres, it has been an exciting process to make adjustments to an already great studio.” 

Over the past 60 days, the company has engaged numerous producers and directors with projects slated to film in 2023. Mock continued, “Georgia is already on the mind of any serious filmmaker. Our job has been to expose the amenities and features of Flat Rock Studio, the extremely talented local workforce and the beauty of Columbus to those considering where to film their next project.”  

Catalyst Productions has engaged local, state and national companies to supply all the needs of any production. “It’s essential for us to have the resources ready for filmmakers as they produce their projects in Columbus,” said Shannon Rabold, Head of Production and Education. “We have agreements with organizations for every major service needed by a production company including equipment rentals, hotels, caterers, post-production services, casting agencies and more.”  Working with Columbus State University, Georgia Film Academy and others, the company has compiled a database of qualified professionals ready to be engaged by film productions. 

The company has also been fully engaged locally and statewide meeting with filmmakers, nonprofits, advocacy groups and political leaders. “We have attended numerous meetings and events to engage industry stakeholders about what’s happening at Flat Rock Studio,” continued Rabold. “We have hosted many tours for locals and hosted filmmakers from all over the country.”

“As a company, we are actively seeking out innovative methods to declutter the frustrating chokepoints of the industry,” said Alayna K. Mock, Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer. “Some of these areas are specific to on-set work, while others are much broader and extend to needs such as on-site, non-traditional hours paid daycare for employees. Our goal is not just to reimagine filmmaking as a partnership with a caring, engaged extension of family, but to lift up all those who contribute to movie-making as well as our entire community. We have an incredible vision for the future, and we’re hitting the ground running.” 

Flat Rock Studio encompasses over 80 gated and fenced acres and includes state-of-the-art facilities with two adaptable sound stages, two workshops, set design/storage area, and ample adjoining production suites, offices, and workstations in a single 180,000-square-foot facility. Combined with a substantial backlot and outdoor setting for additional filming needs, Flat Rock Studio is self-contained, efficient, and private. 

To start your project visit www.catalystory.com, or email [email protected]

To learn more about Flat Rock Studio, visit www.flatrockstudio.com.