IACT Health Has Partnered With Greater Gift To Provide Vaccines To Children Worldwide

Staff Report From Columbus CEO

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

IACT Health has partnered with Greater Gift to provide vaccines to children worldwide on behalf of every clinical trial participant. Greater Gift serves as a philanthropic connector between clinical trial sites, investigators, CROs and sponsors, demonstrating to their patient volunteers that their participation matters by honoring them through this program.  Since it was founded in 2010, Greater Gift has provided over 100,000 vaccines to children in third world countries.  The vaccine, Pentavalent, combines five different vaccines in a single vial. It covers: diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib).
IACT Health’s CEO, Dr. Jeff Kingsley stated, “While many times people think that research participants receive almost no benefits, it just isn’t true. Research participants receive an immense amount of benefit. However, they have an immense amount of motivation to help others. Greater Gift is doing a beautiful job of enhancing our ability to directly impact the lives of other people around the planet. That’s what research is all about!”
Vaccines have done more than any other class of drug to improve global health.  An estimated 6-million deaths can be prevented with sufficient funding.  The goal is to honor the approximately 2 million volunteers who participate in clinical trials every year, while providing life-saving vaccines in that person’s honor.  Volunteers are crucial to the clinical trial process. Without willing participants, advancements in new drug development would stagnate. Many clinical trial volunteers participate to advance medicine with the ultimate goal of advancing global health and quality of life.
“We are extremely honored to further our mission of celebrating clinical trial participants through a partnership with IACT Health. It is because of organizations like IACT Health that clinical trial participants can immediately recognize the impact they are making now and in the future through their participation. I commend them for their commitment to expressing gratitude and philanthropy,” said Amanda Wright, Executive Director of Greater Gift.
Each IACT Health patient volunteer will receive a personalized certificate signifying their part in helping provide life-saving vaccines to children around the world.