Sen. Robertson - Legislative Update - Week Four

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

My first legislative session as a State Senator is flying by and we are already making strides to pass legislation that will benefit the citizens of District 29 and our state as a whole.

I have been busy working on legislation that will improve healthcare, education, and infrastructure throughout the 29th. I have co-sponsored Senate Bills 64, 30, 6, 47, and 73.  You can click here and read more.

Shine a Light on Slavery

Thursday was Shine a Light on Slavery Day. Atlanta has been on the FBI’s top 10 list for human/sex trafficking for 15 years. The hurt is real: Every month, 354 minors are sold for sex to 7,200 men in Georgia.Today, more than 29 million people are trapped in Human Trafficking. I joined the #EndItMovement with my colleagues in the Georgia Assembly to raise awareness and eradicate sex slavery once and for all.

Voters Rights Caucus

Last week, we were notified of the organization of the Voters Rights Caucus. I, along with 50 of my colleagues in the General Assembly, from both sides of the aisle, gathered together to discuss the issues at hand. This week, I was named Third Vice Chair of the Caucus. I am honored to serve in this capacity and committed to insuring that Georgia leads the way in regards to free, fair, and secure elections.
Protecting our Students - SB 25

Last year, the General Assembly passed legislation stating that drivers coming from the opposite direction could pass a stopped school bus if there was a turn lane separating the two flows of traffic. This language was unintentionally confusing for drivers, causing accidents with students getting on and off the bus. SB 25 clarifies this language stating that drivers coming from the opposite direction of the stopped school bus may only pass if separated by a grass median, unpaved area or other physical barrier.

I spent three decades in law enforcement, and am proud to have played a role in the passage of meaningful legislation that I know will improve safety across Georgia and makes it clear what citizens should do when approaching a stopped school bus.

Georgia Commission on Freight, Innovation and Logistics

Senate Resolution 19 was passed in the Senate this week. It creates the Georgia Commission on Freight, Innovation and Logistics which would be charged with recommending where funding for projects should be allocated to enhance the logistics industry. It would also be tasked with coming up with additional routes that improve travel for infrastructure. District 29 is home to several major infrastructure arteries, and finding a way to best align the needs of truck and rail with the transit needs of our residents is vital. I know this commission will work hard to find solutions that make travel safe and efficient for everyone using our roads.

Tourism and Arts Day at the Capitol

Columbus Arts Alliance President Cameron Bean with Arts Alliance members chatting with Senator Robertson about the arts and it's value to our communities and state.

Capitol Arts Show

We were thrilled to welcome students and their families from across District 29 to the Capitol on Wednesday for the annual Capitol Arts Show. We were blown away by the amount of talent that exists in our students. What a treat!

Honoring our Fire Fighters

Public Safety is incredibly important to Theresa and myself. Theresa's grandfather served for over three decades in Columbus as a firefighter. Our nephew, Ben Burdette, is currently serving in Columbus, as well as, our cousin, Jimbo Harper. We are grateful for the sacrifices these men and women make each day and it was an honor to recognize their service under the Gold Dome.

Capitol Visitors

Visits from folks at home is truly the highlight of each day! Please come visit and make sure you let us know you are coming.

Page Recognition

It was great to have our first page, Bonnie, from Harris County, this week!

Super Bowl Sunday

Last Sunday, Theresa and I were joined by our family to serve over 100 folks in Columbus who were in need. It was a humbling afternoon. As incredible as the Super Bowl was for our state's economy, it was not lost on us that there are those here at home who cannot even begin to fathom the cost of the Super Bowl experience, much less the experience itself. We are grateful to Country's BBQ for the meal!

Birthday Shout-Out

On Friday, we celebrated our son, Seth's, birthday! We are so proud of him and enjoyed being able to have dinner with he and his precious family.