Columbus Sees Positive Annual Numbers for Initial Claims Starting 2020

Staff Report From Columbus CEO

Friday, March 13th, 2020

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said Thursday that Columbus’ annual numbers for initial claims for unemployment remain strong, starting 2020 in a positive fashion. 

“Over the year, we are still seeing positive data and our unemployment rates are still some of the lowest ever on record,” Butler said.

In Columbus, the unemployment rate increased 0.7 percentage points in January, reaching 4.0 percent. A year ago, the rate was 5.3 percent.

The number of unemployment claims went up by about 18 percent in January. When compared to last January, claims were down by about 20 percent.

Columbus ended January with 120,800 jobs. That number decreased by 2,000 from December to January, a traditional occurrence after the holiday season, and decreased by 1,100 when compared to the same time a year ago.

The labor force decreased in January by 162 and ended the month with 122,621. That number is down 1,800 when compared to January of 2019.

Columbus finished the month with 117,709 employed residents.  That number decreased by 983 over the month and is down by 147 when compared to the same time a year ago.