Chuck Rossi on the 8th Annual Clean Energy Roadshow This Week in Columbus

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Liberty Utilities President Chuck Rossi gives some information about the upcoming 8th Annual Clean Energy Roadshow that will be held on June 6th at Liberty Utilities.

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The 2018 Clean Energy Roadshow; a statewide clean energy summit, with speakers representing natural gas, electric utilities, propane autogas and renewable energy, will kick off  the first of its 2018 4-city tour on June 6th beginning at 7:30AM at Liberty Utilities 2300 Victory Drive, Columbus GA. New this year, senior executives from the Technology Association of Georgia will present  a special “State of the Industry: Technology in Georgia” update on IT and high-tech job growth and projections for the state’s economy.  In addition to the summit, the event will also feature an outdoor vehicle display of alternative fuel buses, cars and trucks.  

This year’s presenters on the Natural Gas panel will be highlighting the resiliency and price stability of clean natural gas that is both abundant and cost efficient as a fuel for heating, cooking, manufacturing, vehicle operation and backup generators during emergency weather situations.

When Hurricane Harvey temporarily knocked out nearly 30% of the nation's refining capacity, compressed natural gas stations in the area were able to remain up and running. When up to 75% of Florida lost power during Hurricane Irma, CNG fueling stations in the state remained open and sustained only minimal damage.

“Natural gas utilities have a proven track record of providing reliable service during hurricanes due to the fact that the natural gas pipeline network is predominantly underground and therefore remarkably resilient” says Mike Bellman, American Gas Association Director of Operations and Engineering Services.. Nearly all U.S. natural gas is shipped through underground pipelines resulting in a reliable delivery system that is over 90% efficient vs electric power lines at 30% efficiency to point of use.

Natural gas offers many environmental benefits and is up to 90% cleaner than diesel. Natural Gas, a domestic energy with more than 100 years of proven reserves in the U.S. also offers resiliency against geopolitical forces currently at work on rising oil prices. The stability of natural gas prices means consumers and businesses are not subjected to unanticipated spikes in pricing.

Speaking on the benefits of natural gas at the Clean Energy Roadshow will be: Chuck Rossi - President of Liberty Utilities (Georgia) and current Treasurer of the Natural Gas Association of Georgia, Ian Skelton Director of Natural Gas Vehicles for Atlanta Gas Light, Paul Osbourn - Alternative Fuels Sales and Marketing Manager for Westport Fuel Systems and Rahim Charania- CEO American Fueling Systems and operator of Columbus' first public Natural Gas Fueling Station.

Natural Gas Vehicle popularity continues to build with over 20% of U.S. transit buses now running on compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas and more than 50% of new refuse trucks coming off the line with CNG engines.

Working with Ford, Westport has developed a CNG conversion system for the new direct injection engine available in the F150 that has a lower cost per mile for fuel and represents the future of light duty trucks. Commercially available and in production across all applications, there are more than 175,000 natural gas vehicles on U.S. roads today spanning all weight classes and applications.

Atlanta Gas Light supports commercial and municipal fleets by building and maintaining stations throughout Georgia and has already deployed over 250 Natural Gas Vehicles in their own fleet, expanding wherever practical.

American Fueling systems recently opened a $2 million natural gas fueling station at 4506 Armour Road (just off 185 and SR80) which is open 24/7.  The new facility represents an opportunity for large agricultural and industrial transporters as well as medium and light duty fleets to realize cost savings of more than $.80 per gallon over current diesel prices.

Attendees to the Clean Energy Roadshow will have an opportunity to learn about planning, cost considerations and receive fleet guidance from the natural gas subject matter experts.

The Clean Energy Roadshow is open to the public and early registration is free until June 4th.  For ticket information visit or call 678-390-2737. The event is produced by Event Energy Partners LLC and moderated by Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols.

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