The Columbus Museum Launches Vibrant New Brand in Conjunction with Grand Reopening

Staff Report

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

The Columbus Museum (COMU) officially launches its vibrant new branding today, coinciding with the eagerly awaited grand reopening of the Museum. This exciting development heralds a new era for the institution, elevating its status as a regional cultural hub. The brand launch marks the beginning of a two-phase process for COMU’s anticipated refresh. Phase two will see the rollout of a new website, providing visitors with a digital experience that mirrors the energy of the renewed physical space. 

With a focus on broadening its appeal and enhancing visitor experiences, COMU embarked on a reimagining journey with Wier Stewart, a renowned, regional creative agency based in Augusta. Together, with a committee of trustees, staff, and community members, they developed a fresh visual identity that reflects the Museum’s renewed commitment to creativity, accessibility, and community engagement. 

“Our goal with the rebranding initiative was to create a visual identity that truly represents the essence of the Museum and resonates with our diverse audience,” said Marianne Richter, COMU Director. “We wanted to capture the vibrancy, warmth, and fun of our organization while also embracing the distinct qualities that make us unique.” 

The new branding features a dynamic logo that embodies the eclectic and expansive nature of COMU’s collections. The icon, with its distinct letterforms, invites viewers to interpret and engage with the Museum’s offerings from various perspectives, echoing the diversity of artistic and historic objects on display. 

“We chose the nickname COMU as a term of endearment, reflecting our desire to foster familiarity and personal connection with our community,” added Director of Marketing and Public Relations Kristen Hudson. “It serves as a meaningful identifier and accessible entry point for both our longtime and new visitors.” 

As COMU prepares to unveil its reimagined building and grounds, visitors can expect an immersive and engaging experience that celebrates art, history, and culture in all its forms. From dynamic exhibitions to interactive programming, COMU invites everyone to explore and discover the endless possibilities that await. 

“At a time when almost everyone claims to be diverse, dynamic, and different, The Columbus Museum authentically is all those things,” says Wier Stewart representative Natalie Scoggins. “The new identity, coinciding with the renovation of the facilities, was created to convey all COMU has to offer, as well as to inspire visitors and the community at large to engage with this outstanding Columbus asset.” 

“We are elated with our dynamic new branding and the exciting changes happening at COMU,” concluded Richter. “We look forward to welcoming you to our reimagined museum and creating unforgettable moments together.” 

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