Visionary City Awards Presented to 9 Georgia Cities

Friday, February 2nd, 2024

The Georgia Municipal Association, in collaboration with Georgia Trend Magazine, announced the 2024 Visionary City Award winners on January 28 during GMA’s Cities United Summit.  This coveted award is given to nine cities, divided into three population categories, in recognition of their achievements in fostering positive community change through effective civic engagement and collaboration.

"The Visionary City Awards honor cities that have been leaders in improving their communities," said Larry Hanson, CEO and Executive Director of GMA. "Each of these nine cities have not only recognized the needs of their communities but have taken innovative approaches to address those needs.”

The judges sought cities with projects that have made their communities more livable and workable. The cities were recognized for their projects that excelled in civic engagement, inclusiveness and equity, collaboration across sectors, innovative solutions, and creating initiatives with long-term value for their communities.

2024 Visionary City Award Winners

Small Cities Category:

  • Madison: Honored for revitalizing the Historic Canaan neighborhood, Madison has significantly enhanced infrastructure and housing, creating a community space that respects its historical roots while fostering modern living.

  • Hawkinsville: The "Fishers of Men" initiative in Hawkinsville receives acclaim for its innovative approach to healthcare, effectively bridging the gap in medical services for African American men through local churches and telehealth technology.

  • Hiawassee: Hiawassee's "Hikeawassee" project demonstrates a unique blend of community spirit and economic savvy, transforming the city into a welcoming hub for Appalachian Trail hikers and bolstering local businesses.

Medium Cities Category:

  • Fayetteville: Fayetteville's transformation of its downtown area through the City Hall & City Center Park project showcases a remarkable blend of community vision and urban redevelopment, enhancing quality of life for residents.

  • Covington: Covington's efforts in nurturing a close-knit community atmosphere amidst rapid growth and tourism, with events celebrating cultural diversity, exemplify its commitment to inclusive growth and civic engagement.

  • Villa Rica: Villa Rica's Transportation Reunification Program stands out for its strategic improvement of connectivity within the community, facilitating easier access to essential services and fostering a more unified city.

Large Cities Category:

  • Chamblee: Chamblee is recognized for its Nonprofit Partnership Program, a proactive approach to supporting local organizations, enhancing their ability to serve the community’s diverse needs, especially in times of crisis.

  • Macon-Bibb County: The Macon Violence Prevention Program is a testament to collaborative community efforts in crime reduction, showcasing the city's commitment to creating a safer and more inclusive environment for all residents.

  • Statesboro: Statesboro's Village Builders Initiative is an exemplary model of resource allocation and community empowerment, addressing essential needs and fostering sustainable development in underserved areas.

The Visionary City Awards are a testament to the power of local governments to make meaningful and lasting impact in their communities. Visit the Visionary City Awards website to learn more about the program.