Institute Wraps Innovating Georgia’s Workforce Pipeline Webinar Series

Monday, November 29th, 2021

The Institute of Government recently presented the final installment of this fall’s webinar series with the Georgia Economic Developers Association (GEDA). The sessions were part of the Innovating Georgia’s Workforce Pipeline Webinar Series. More than 353 people registered for the final session, “The Workforce of the Future.” The session explored the workforce of the future, including emerging trends, the changing nature of work and skills, and how COVID-19 will reshape labor markets long-term. Organizers noted the workforce development landscape has been heavily impacted over the past two years and the impacts moving forward are beginning to show. The webinar considered these trends and how business, workforce development, and education can best prepare for the future. Speakers included Art Recesso, Rob MacLane and Adam Ozimek. Recesso, Chief Innovation Officer for the University System of Georgia eCampus, discussed emerging career research and new educational models as well as latest approaches to supporting emerging industries. MacLane, President, Professional & Technology Solutions Leader at MAU Workforce Solutions/C3i, explored critical trends for employers, educators and workforce development professionals to consider as they plan for the workforce of the future. Ozimek, Chief Economist at Upwork, discussed workforce forecasts and how remote work will function in the future as well as current labor market conditions and economic impacts and opportunities created by increased remote work. In total, the Innovating Georgia’s Workforce Pipeline Webinar Series garnered 1,031 registrations. Recordings and slides are available via the Institute’s website,