There’s Still Time to Turn Your City Into a ‘City of Civility’

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Thursday, May 16th, 2024

There is still time for your city to be recognized as a City of Civility at the GMA Annual Convention in June. 

As background, the EMBRACE Civility initiative, established in 2023, encourages municipal elected officials to embrace their role in modeling open, free, and vigorous debate while upholding the highest standards of civility, honesty, and mutual respect.

Becoming a City of Civility involves adopting a civility resolution that aligns with the recommendations approved by the GMA Board of Directors and agreeing to the civility pledge based on nine pillars of civility.

The initiative was expanded last April to include local government non-profit associations. There are now 120 Cities of Civility and 8 Organizations of Civility in the program.

The process has three steps a city should follow to become a “City of Civility”:

  1. Download the model Resolution on the GMA website.
  2. Adopt the Resolution at a Council Meeting.
  3. Email a scanned and signed copy of the Resolution to [email protected].

After receiving the adopted Resolution, we will review it for compliance and notify the city.  A press release template and electronic “City of Civility” badge will be provided to the city. The designation is renewable every two years.

Cities designated as a City of Civility from December 1, 2023 to June 1, 2024 will receive a plaque and be recognized during the GMA Annual Convention in June in Savannah.