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  • 25 Tips for Staying Productive During a Flight Delay

    Features, January 23, 2017

    Flight delays can be hard enough on the average traveler. But if you’re busy running a small business, those delays can be even more of a hassle. Fortunately, you don’t have to just accept a lack of productivity. There are plenty of ways you can use that delay to get stuff done. Here are 25 tips for staying productive during your next flight delay.

  • 15 International Travel Safety Tips for Roaming Wisely

    Features, August 02, 2016

    When traveling to other countries, it’s important to always keep international travel safety in mind. There are many things you can do when traveling to various international destinations to keep you and your companions safe and secure. Here are some international travel safety tips to keep in mind for your next trip.

  • Venture Capitalists Now Search Crowdfunding Sites for Opportunities

    Features, August 22, 2014

    When crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo began taking off, some thought they would make venture capitalists obsolete. That has not been the case so far. And crowdfunding sites have actually served as an opportunity for professional investors to easily find new startups to fund.

  • How to Improve Your Self Control – It’s the Key to Your Success

    Features, July 21, 2014

    If you’re tired of reading self help books and seemingly never getting anywhere, you may be interested in a study that found a single factor — self-control — to be one of the primary keys to success.

  • Study: Yes, There Are Benefits of Offering Free WiFi

    Features, July 16, 2014

    It’s gotten much more common today to find businesses that offer complimentary WiFi for their patrons, especially in cities. Still, there are many places outside of Big-City-America where free WiFi is the exception and not the rule.

  • 10 Ways to Use the BBB to Grow Your Business

    Features, July 14, 2014

    If you own a business, you already know about the Better Business Bureau and the importance of its ratings. But that isn’t all the BBB has to offer. We discuss some of the lesser-known features of the BBB and how they might be able to boost your business growth.

  • Will Your Next Business Suit Be an Executive Hoodie?

    Features, July 08, 2014

    Whoever thinks that hoodies don’t belong in the workplace has probably never seen the Executive Pinstripe Hoodie from Betabrand. The Executive Hoodie is made from suit fabric and retails for $168. Mark Zuckerberg provided the inspiration behind the hoodie, and its launch coincided with the social media giant’s IPO.

  • How to Handle a BBB Complaint Against Your Company

    Features, July 01, 2014

    When your business receives a complaint through the Better Business Bureau, it can really harm your reputation. Complaints are not only publicly available, but they also impact your overall rating.

  • Underdog Businesses Must Work Harder

    Features, May 20, 2014

    Small business owners are almost always underdogs. They deal with competition from companies with much larger budgets and more resources at their disposal. So how can David compete with Goliath? In a recent sit-down with Inc.’s Issie Lapowski, author Malcolm Gladwell explained.

  • What to Expect & Not to Expect From a Business Mentor

    Features, February 20, 2014

    Businesses that receive mentoring are 20% more likely to grow than businesses that don’t, according to research from the UPS Store. Business mentors are usually more experienced business owners or industry professionals who can provide advice and guidance.

  • “Jobs” Movie Chronicles the Life of a Creative Entrepreneur

    Features, August 15, 2013

    Jobs, the indie biopic about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, is set to release tomorrow. The movie chronicles Jobs’s journey from college dropout to successful creative entrepreneur, taking place roughly from 1971 to 1991. Though the movie is specifically about the beginnings of Apple and, more specifically, Jobs’ rise as an innovator, entrepreneurs may find things that will inspire them in their own journey.

  • How to Take a Summer Vacation From Your Business

    Features, July 19, 2013

    Summer is a popular time for Americans to set off to their favorite vacation destinations. But for small business owners, taking time off can lead to missed opportunities and missed income.